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News & Blog Vaultcreation ‘V-glass’ won the innovation award in the CES 2024

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  • Date 2024.01.10
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Specializing in dry etching, Vaultcreation announced on the 10th that it will showcase 'V-glass,' which won the innovation award in the mobility sector at CES 2024.

'V-glass' is a lens cover with the capability to spread water droplets upon contact, achieved by depositing a thin layer of metal material onto glass and etching microscale patterns. 

It prevents water to adhere on the glass surface caused by external factors such as rainwater and humidity, ensuring a clear view without the need for windshield washer fluid, hydrophobic coatings, or external power sources. 

It can be applied to any area requiring visibility, such as automotive rearview cameras, CCTV, and side-view mirrors.


Additionally, it possesses electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding properties, preventing external interference waves, garnering significant interest from buyers across various industries.


A VaultCreation representative stated, "We are delighted to participate in CES for the third consecutive year. Especially this time, winning the innovation award in the mobility sector for 'V-glass' feels like a particularly valuable exhibition where our technology is recognized globally.”


And “Through participating in the world's largest exhibition, we will make every effort to facilitate collaboration with new buyers.”


On the other hand, Vaultcreation plans to release the 'V-glass' product for rearview cameras, which solves the inconvenience of water droplets obscuring the view on rainy days, domestically and internationally. 

They aim to launch it in both domestic and international markets within the first quarter of this year and are in discussions with major domestic and international automotive companies about entering the aftermarket.


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