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News & Blog Vaultcreation ”Publish overview containing FMM Specifications for the first half of 2024”

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  • Date 2024.02.20
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Vaultcreation (CEO Sangjun Choi) announced on the 7th that it will publish an overview containing FMM (Fine Metal Mask) specifications for the first half of 2024.

FMM is one of the essential components of displays that increases the resolution of smartphones, providing a clear screen. Vaultcreation, which announced the mass production of 500ppi FMM in last year, introduced high-resolution FMM in stick form using its proprietary 'ion beam dry etching technology,' securing domestic and international patents. This was previously only available in Japan.


In the recently published '2024 FMM Tech Overview,' one can easily confirm the distinctive features of Vaultcreation's independently developed FMM, such as CTE, thickness, uniformity, among other detailed specifications of the FMM currently produced by Vaultcreation. 

Particularly noteworthy is the adjustable hole angle, ranging from 45 to 56 degrees, providing flexibility, and the use of anisotropic etching, resulting in minimal thickness variation compared to conventional wet etching. 

Furthermore, Vaultcreation's etching method allows for minimized rib size, and the company has secured intellectual property rights for etching processes both domestically and internationally.


The production timeline is also innovative. Upon providing the specifications required by each customer, Vaultcreation can manufacture FMMs according to the desired specifications within 5 to 6 weeks after the production request.


Vaultcreation stated, 'It is true that high-resolution FMMs could only be produced in Japan, which posed many limitations in display research and development due to long production lead times and high costs. 

With our independent development of equipment and processes, we have significantly reduced both production costs and lead times.'


The mobile FMM sector is crucial within the core of the display industry. Since the mention of display resolution for smartphone displays, the FMM market has been perceived as a domain of technology and products exclusive to Japan. 

In efforts to localize production, leading Korean technology companies, including government-funded and self-invested endeavors, conducted research, yielding promising results at the lab level. 

However, despite claims of successful mass production, there were no tangible demonstrations.


In October 2023, Vaultcreation's production facility attracted a visit from VDM, the world's leading steel company based in Germany, as a material supplier.



Vaultcreation's FMMs, with reduced costs and production times, are expected to be utilized in various fields such as automotive displays, VR, and AR products shortly.



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