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News & Blog Vaultcreation, Sign agreement for joint development of ‘camera cover’ with Sekonix

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  • Date 2024.04.17
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Vaultcreation, a company specializing in dry etching, has signed a joint development agreement with Sekonix, an optical camera company, to solve issues in mobility cameras.

Through this agreement, the two companies will develop a lens cover that prevents condensation on mobility camera lenses and external electromagnetic interference.


Despite extensive global research and development efforts to solve condensation issues in cameras, no significant breakthroughs have been achieved so far. 

Some high-end cameras have attempted to apply waterproof coatings or install heating elements to prevent condensation, but embedding heating elements in the lens cover compromised visibility. 

However, with Vaultcreation's visibility assurance technology, which has been proven on the global stage, this issue is expected to be resolved.


Additionally, their precision etching technology will block external electromagnetic waves without compromising the lens's transparency. 

The excellence of their electromagnetic shielding technology has been validated by their delivery of shielding products for the Korean fighter jet KF-X project.



A representative from Vaultcreation stated, "The development of a lens cover with combined functions, such as preventing condensation and electromagnetic interference, is a technology that many have attempted worldwide but have not succeeded in achieving. 

We have completed the foundational technology, so only application and implementation remain," expressing strong confidence. They added, "This technology can be widely utilized in defense, safety, and optical industries where visibility is crucial.



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