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News & Blog Vaultcreation wins Gold at the prestigious ‘Edison Awards 2024’ in the USA

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  • Date 2024.04.22
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Vaultcreation, a company specializing in dry etching, recently announced its entry into the global automotive camera market, worth $8 billion, in collaboration with optical camera manufacturer Sekonix. 

On the 22nd, Vaultcreation revealed that it received the highest honor, the Gold Award, at the 'Edison Awards 2024' held in Florida, USA, on the 19th.

The Edison Awards is the most highly regarded innovation technology competition in the American technology industry. Every year, thousands of technology companies worldwide compete for the awards, which are ranked and given Gold, Silver, and Bronze seals. 

Past winners include global technology companies such as Apple, 3M, and General Electric.


Vaultcreation's 'V-glass' was named a finalist in February and ultimately received the Gold Award. 

This is the first time a domestic company has won in the Materials Protection & Imaging Technology category. This award has solidified the company's technological innovation on the global stage.


Additionally, V-glass has been recognized for its technological innovation, receiving the Mobility Innovation Award at 'CES 2024' and the Innovation Award at 'World IT Show Korea 2024.'


V-glass achieves visibility even in severe weather conditions by finely etching patterns on thinly deposited glass at the micrometer level. 

It also possesses electromagnetic shielding performance that blocks external interference. 

V-glass can be widely applied in safety and optical industries where visibility is crucial, such as in CCTV, automotive rearview cameras, and side-view mirrors.


A representative from Vaultcreation stated, "We are delighted to be recognized for our innovation excellence at a global awards ceremony as a leading domestic materials and components venture company. 

We will accelerate our overseas expansion based on recently concluded NDAs and MOAs with Japanese and North American distributors."



Meanwhile, Vaultcreation has delivered 'Polymer Air Filter (V-air filter),' a pre-filter for air purifiers that can be washed and reused to protect both health and the environment, to welfare centers and senior centers in Gangnam-Gu. 

The company is expanding its business scope to commercialize this product.



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