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News & Blog VaultCreation has simultaneously obtained certifications for ISO 37301 · ISO 37001

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  • Date 2023.11.29
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VaultCreation has simultaneously obtained certifications for ‘Compliance Management System (ISO 37301)’ and ‘Anti-Bribery Management System (ISO 37001)’ from the ICR International Certification Institute.

The VC executive attributed significance to the recent unified acquisition of two certifications, bringing the total to six, including the existing four.

In the industry, obtaining all six certifications in the ESG field within the manufacturing sector is considered extremely rare, and it is viewed that only companies actively practicing ESG management activities can achieve this.

VaultCreation has acquired ESG-related certifications, including 'ISO 9001 (Quality),' 'ISO 14001 (Environment),' 'ISO 27001 (Information Security),' 'ISO 45001 (Health and Safety),' 'ISO 37301 (Compliance),' and 'ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery)

VaultCreation will continue to strive for ESG management practices.

VaultCreation has won CES 2024 Innovation Award