EMI Shielding Window

The EMI shielding window is transparent in the visible light area and effectively blocks electromagnetic waves, developed for the military and can be applied to other industries

In addition, it is manufactured by coating a high-conductivity metal film and processing it into a micro-sized fine pattern

Vault Creation uses its own drying etching technology to enable the manufacturing of high-performance EMI shielding window

Characteristics of EMI Shielding Window manufacturing method using dry etching technology

Technology for securing adhesion when depositing conductive metal on a transparent substrate

Pattern shape formation technology that can shield electromagnetic waves and minimize interference or refraction effects of visible light (own patent).

Excellent electromagnetic shielding performance and light transmittance.

ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 certification

Securing IP(intellectual property)(device, material, process)

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  • Verify electromagnetic shielding and light transmittance performance on Korean fighter jet plane
  • Possible application for shielding electromagnetic waves unmanned vehicles(UAM, UAV), drones and aut