Mobile Fine Metal Mask refers to a metal foil of finely processed invar material required for manufacturing displays such as OLED.

FMM should be able to processed fine patterns on ultra-thin invar film, but the current reality is that it is entirely imported from abroad

Vault Creation uses its own dry etching technology to develop delicate and fine etching technology on ultra-thin invar foil to manufacture Mobile FMM.

Mobile FMM, which determines the resolution of the screen is a key component of the OLED display manufacturing process, Vault Creation is working to localize the FMM, which has been heavily dependent on imports, by utilizing ion beam dry etching technology.

Characteristics of Mobile FMM manufacturing method using dry etching technology

Securing machining accuracy by anisotropic etching properties

Development of 6th generation Large-Area Mobile FMM stick

Self-development of 500 ppi Mobile FMM

No by-products generated using ion beam

ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 certification

Securing IP(intellectual property)(device, material, process)

2024 FMM Tech Overview

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