R&D Center

Vault Creation Co., Ltd. will lead
the dry etching technology industry 

with advanced expertise gained through 
continuous research and development efforts.

Since its establishment in 2015, Vault Creation's corporate affiliated
research has been capable of developing S.Korea best dry etching technology.

Vault Creation developed its own Mobile FMM for OLED for the first time in S.Korea and developed 
fine hole processing technology for EMI shielding filters and polymer films for defense. 
In addition, Vault Creation has developed dry etching equipment based on 
its own technology and has secured a performance and durability test system for its products.

The core technology based on the high-quality research capabilities of Vault Creation Research
Institute is the growth engine of the next-generation dry etching technology


Research organization

Research organization


We can Dry Etchinganything else

R&D capabilities

R&D capabilities 01

Strengthen technological competitiveness

In order to secure technological competitiveness such as Mobile FMM and EMI shielding filters,
we are continuous research such as performance and quality improvement, 
and precision processing is possible with various materials.

R&D capabilities 02

New product development

We are conducting research to develop new products and expand the market through various technology 
development and experiments.

R&D capabilities 03

Core Researcher Possession and training

We operate various training systems to have experts in core technologies and reinforce our capabilities
by recruiting professional research personnel.