What is the etching process?

One of the semiconductor processes, It is the process of physically or chemically removing all or part of a thin film.
Circuit patterns are mainly formed by wet and dry etching techniques, and Vault Creation Co., Ltd. uses its own
dry etching equipment and ion beam technology to physically etch various materials.

VC dry etching processing principle
VC dry etching processing principle
Technical features

Possible High resolution embody(5μm or less)

No change in material due to heat generation due to low temperature etching

No by-products generated by ion beam use

High production yield of 70-80%

6G 1 Stick can be produced per device

Use of proven rolling materials

Intellectual property rights secured (device, material, process)

ISO 27001 certification

Technical Comparison
Technical Comparison
Shape difference
Shape difference

In the case of wet etching, there is a limit to increasing the resolution due to isotropic etching, but in the case of dry etching, high-resolution processing is possible due to the characteristics of anisotropic etching.