The V-polass can prevent the distortion of the screen caused by rainwater or steam being absorbed onto the from glass of a camera. Additionally, it forms fine patterns of hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties on transparent glass, utilizing the phenomenon where water spreads to a uniform thickness. It eliminates diffraction and interference effects of light through periodic patterns, thus preventing light glare phenomena.

V-polass is more flexible using the material of flexible film, and unlike glass, it can be applied to more diverse places.

Characteristics of V-polass manufacturing method using dry etching technology

Prevent the formation of droplets on glass surfaces by rainwater or water vapor

Prevent screen distortion due to diffraction or interference of light

Additional EMI shielding effects

ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 certification

Securing IP(intellectual property)(devices, materials, processes)


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  • Self-driving automatic camera lens cover
  • The side-view mirrors of a car
  • Drone camera cover
  • Security camera (CCTV) lenses
  • Aircraft, ships for autonomous camera cover
  • Car side-view mirrors